Messing with colours and fonts

Trying to make it easy for guys like me……………………..and Buck…………..and Pinch………and that Lamps guy Contrast is where it is, maybe? Feed back is welcome!



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3 responses to “Messing with colours and fonts”

  1. Buck Avatar

    I like the look and I think bigger is better when one reaches "a certain age." Heh. It was about a month or so ago I went with a larger font, as well. But it (the larger font) screws up the formatting when I try and repost stuff. Drives me nuts.


  2. Old Retired Petty Officer Avatar

    Did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  3. Old Retired Petty Officer Avatar

    Contrast and the correct sized font. The white against the blue definitely jumps out and is easy to read over the Bicentennial Buckeye, Buno. 157057.


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