The Antelope Valley

Shot a few today from the scenic overlook on the 14 above Palmdale. Kind of windy, dusty and hazy. But I think one has the San Andreas Fault in it. It runs right through here by the California Aqueduct. I live about fifty miles away! My sister in law lives just down the hill from it!

The mark is the surface indication of The San Andreas Fault, I think. It is on the line I saw on a map. But the Fault is very close to where I took the picture and the mapwork says this is the direction it takes
Plant 42 at Palmdale Airport.

Plant 42 is home to the famous or infamous, Lockheed Skunk Works. It used to be at Burbank but at some point it moved to the Desert. The other major defense contractors have facilities here. It is where those super secret airplanes are built. Somewhere in the distance is Edwards AFB.

You may fire when ready, Gridley

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