A Promise Earned – Jim Lacey – National Review Online




A Promise Earned – Jim Lacey – National Review Online.

A Promise Earned
Consider the life of a typical American soldier who served over the past 20 years.

This is a good one. Get it out there. We need to have the scum inside the beltway and in every statehouse have their feet held to the fire, metaphorically speaking that is.  Many of my readers are retirees, just as I am. We gave. Congress critters do not, save for a small few in number such as LTCOL West.

We held our end of the bargain, we expect the same in return. Example being Tricare for life. It is not. At sixty five we have to go on Medicare. Some promise. I have eight years left until that happens. The retired pay for me is not quite fifteen hundred a month. I am rated at 30 % so the remainder is taxable. I could not live on that amount in today’s economy. But it helps out while I work.

Go and browbeat your congress critter over this one, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


You may fire when ready, Gridley

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