Why do they hate the good guys?

Hat tip and a big thanks to Castra Praetoria: America’s First Sergeant.

 You’ve probably seen allegations leveled at Dakota Meyer and the Marine Corps by a reporter who had been embedded in Meyer’s unit. Right minded people will be suitably outraged I imagine. For some time I’ve had the opinion journalists and the news media really don’t report the news anymore. They sell it. Perhaps the reporter in question didn’t get a big enough story merely being embedded with Meyer’s unit. I can’t say. It would be a shame if accusations the Corps exaggerated events were true but the insinuation Meyer doesn’t deserve recognition is revolting.  There was a time when journalism and integrity went together like bread and butter. Not so much now days. The media hasn’t let hard facts get in the way of a good story for a long time now.
 It would appear modern news and entertainment media want nothing more than to smear the Armed Forces and for Americans to believe their military are the bad guys. Why do I feel this way? Turn on your television or computer and see for yourself. Lately every time a military member is portrayed in the media they are the villain in one form or another.  Let’s count off just a few of my own observations shall we?
The rest is at the link. Gives one pause to think, does it not?

You may fire when ready, Gridley

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