Going to Hell in a little row boat

Cindy Barrow at Snig’s Spot will make you laugh with this one. At least I did!

“Some days, the situation just presents itself and due to a utter & complete lack of entertainment being provided that day, you take advantage of anything life offers.

The coworker & I were going to another hospital to do a little work.  She was driving, I was the Howard Cosell commentator for the trip.

We pulled up at a red-light and there were a couple of girls about to cross the street.  One of them was tiny, tiny, tiny BUT, she had a huge butt.  By huge I mean oh-my-God-Becky-look-at-her-butt huge.

I take that in & am in the middle of commenting on her butt when I notice a little strip sign nailed to the light pole on the corner.

Originally, it had said, “Jesus is coming”.

Someone got happy with their crayon though and scribbled off the top of the O in coming, turning it into a U.  (For the grammarians out there, I attempted “an U” but, it sounded entirely too freaking pompous.)

Coworker has seen none of this, because thankfully, she is paying attention to the traffic.

The conversation went sorta like this…

Me:  Whoa Nellie!  Check the size of the ass on that girl!  I swear you could show the Daily Double Feature on that thing- both movies at the same time.

CW:  (laughs)

Me:  Oh and it appears Jesus is cuming, not coming, but with a U!

CW:  Where? On her ass?

Me:  OMG CW!!!!!!  You’re going to hell for that comment.

CW:  What about a U?

Me:  Jesus is coming, but not with an O, but with a U!

CW:  OH HELL!  Maybe they meant Jesus (Hay-suess) not JESUS!

Me:  Yeah, sure that’s it, because everyone wants to know a Mexican is having an orgasm.

and about that time, what would appear??

Some dude of some ethnicity was standing on the next corner in a pair of shorts that could only be described as his baby brother’s hot pants.  We had at least 70% cheekage hanging out.  At least it was a small cheekage, but anyway…

He was rubbing something white all over his little brownish butt…

Now we know where Hay-suess came?

Gag & giggle worthy.

Some days, it doesn’t take much to entertain us.  What can I say??”

I had to copy the whole thing. Linking would not do it justice.  But the link is here so you can go and check out Cindy’s place. My Sweet Georgia Peach. Eloquent as ever!




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