The Camp Of The Saints

The vast majority of us on the Right are pretty well attuned to most of media bias being spewed like so much puked pablum by the Main Stream Media. Even some members of the Mushy Middle and Disengaged Denizens Of Democracy understand what the Left is trying to pull when they’re overt about it

The more insidious form of MSM bias, however – what I like to call ‘Stealth Media Bias’ – is a lot harder to suss-out.

Thankfully, wizened warrior of the reporting game, Robert Stacy McCain, has penned a succinct and dead-on-balls-accurate description of how Stealth Media Bias works.

A highlight:

There are few things more boring than listening to conservatives complain about liberal bias in the media. We’ve heard it all before and nothing ever changes, because the people who run the media sincerely believe one of two things:

  1. Their coverage is actually objective and balanced; or

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