Dove Springs OHV Area

We went out for a bit yesterday afternoon and evening but the wind was at Gale strength and Cold. Today was really nice. We had our oldest grand daughter, Bailee with us now for awhile this summer so it was a good thing to go.

Took Pictures. Enjoy!

Bailee fighting the wind on Saturday.
Our friends, Summer and Karl Morgan.
Bailee sliding down the hill!
Medevac Helicopter from Kern County. He was orbiting the area due to an accident about a half a mile west of where we were. He would have landed only if necessary due to terrain. A regular ambulance was there already.
Billy Beach is Fire Surfing!
Me trying to Fire Surf. I got mugged by Suzanne Rainone!
The sign says it all! Such is life in The High Desert at a place called Cantil.
Bailee on a Sand Drift.
Bailee is four wheeling
More Bailee four wheeling
Riding like a pro!
Desert Moon
Desert Sunset. It is an awesome place, ya know!














3 thoughts on “Dove Springs OHV Area

  1. Reblogged this on The Lexicans and commented:

    A sample of Saturday and Today in The High Desert. Had to take the Grand Daughter out and let her play on the four wheelers. Our Friends Karl and Summer invited us and we went. As you can see, the Grand Daughter had a great time! She can really ride those machines!

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