Good Fighter.

The Lexicans

…some Kitty pr0n? {sigh} No. Not that kind. Tomcat. F-14, one each. World’s best Fighter. Ever.

In addition to the slideshow, there’s also a video of the F-14D produced by VX-4 and the Grumman Corporation. Vandy 50 is the star of the show, and, along with Vandy 1 (the bunny jet) and Vandy 51, was a predominant player in the early days of the D model trials.

In dog years I know the Tomcat is an old design, but so are the rest of the Teen Fighters. To my dying day I’ll always believe the F-14 was retired long before its time, in part because the Fighter community was too slow to recognize the shift away from single mission platforms, and in part because the Whore-Nut Hornet mafia did a really good job prostituting selling themselves as the “way of the future” (insert Leo DeCaprio impersonation here). High maintenance man-hours…

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You may fire when ready, Gridley

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