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Snigs' Spot

Someone shared this from Mike Huckabee’s facebook page today-

Does “self-defense” extend to defending your children? It does in Texas. Details next…In the town of Shiner, Texas, a 47-year-old ranch worker named Jesus Mora Flores was spotted forcibly carrying the ranch owner’s five-year-old daughter into the woods. Someone told her dad, who rushed to the scene and caught Flores half-naked and holding his screaming little girl down. The dad pulled Flores off and punched him in the head several times before calling 911. The recording of the call showed that he was distraught and hadn’t meant to kill Flores, but he did die from the beating. It sparked a big debate. Some people wanted the dad prosecuted, calling his actions “abominable.” But the town rallied in support. Now, it’s official. A grand jury declined to indict him. They say under the law, deadly force is justified to stop a sexual…

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