Possible Changes

Possible. Pay careful attention to that word.

I applied for a job just like I have in another location. It is at McConnell AFB in Wichita, Kansas.

Why Wichita? We still have a house there and three of our grandchildren are there.

Good enough reasons.

I was referred to the hiring supervisor there by the Air Force Personnel Center after doing the online application process. I applied the day the posting expired, 26 June. I got the email for the referral on 29 June. Now the waiting……………

If offered, we are going home.

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About ORPO1

Husband to Sharon for 31 plus years. Dad to four. Grand Dad to five, four of them girls. Retired Navy. Sometime Mechanic, Railroader, Airplane Builder. Currently a Civilian Employee of the USAF at Edwards AFB. Survived Renal Cell Carcinoma. A walking contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction, Taking every wrong direction on his lonely way back home. Counted the stars on the 4th of July Wishing we were rockets bursting in the sky Talking about redemption and leaving things behind As the sun sinks west of the Mendocino county line
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5 Responses to Possible Changes

  1. ORPO1 says:

    Reblogged this on The Lexicans and commented:

    There is a possibility of getting to go home to Kansas. Possibility only. I was simply referred to the position in question.

    • Hogday says:

      If job applications in the US are as hit/miss/convoluted/legislation-strangled as they have become in the UK then all I can say is `the best of luck to you, sir. What I do know, from my own experience of the selection processes, is that older candidates are usually worth well above their weight in gold.

      • ORPO1 says:

        I hope so. It was only three days from when I applied until the referral. That is fast. Now is the waiting game.
        I at least am already civil service, a ten point veteran and 30 percent service connected disabled.

  2. Daryle LaMonica says:

    Good luck!

You may fire when ready, Gridley

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