Possible Changes

Possible. Pay careful attention to that word.

I applied for a job just like I have in another location. It is at McConnell AFB in Wichita, Kansas.

Why Wichita? We still have a house there and three of our grandchildren are there.

Good enough reasons.

I was referred to the hiring supervisor there by the Air Force Personnel Center after doing the online application process. I applied the day the posting expired, 26 June. I got the email for the referral on 29 June. Now the waiting……………

If offered, we are going home.


5 thoughts on “Possible Changes

    1. Hogday

      If job applications in the US are as hit/miss/convoluted/legislation-strangled as they have become in the UK then all I can say is `the best of luck to you, sir. What I do know, from my own experience of the selection processes, is that older candidates are usually worth well above their weight in gold.

      1. I hope so. It was only three days from when I applied until the referral. That is fast. Now is the waiting game.
        I at least am already civil service, a ten point veteran and 30 percent service connected disabled.

You may fire when ready, Gridley

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