Preliminary. Nothing more.
We owe it to Lex’s memory to not speculate on this.

As always, Guinness for Strength, Jameson’s for Courage.

The Lexicans

Here.  Yes, it is now July and this report seems later than most we see.  Please understand that this is a complex case as regards who does what, when.  It was an aircraft owned by a corporation, performing contract work for the government as a “civil public aircraft operation,” for the Navy, and the mishap occurred on Navy (DOD) property.  This is a far cry from an airliner that may skid off a snow-covered runway, or a small, piston-engine aircraft that loses an engine and manages to make it to land in a farmer’s field.

Those of you who have skin the game, either directly, emotionally or through some connection or another, all I can counsel is patience.  I can tell you that the people involved in this one all want to do it the right way.  To honor Lex’s legacy. And because they care.

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You may fire when ready, Gridley

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