Snigs and her Hubby have had some issues and this illustrates what she and James had to put up with.
Glad that things are looking up!
Lizard Spit! Who would have even thought!

Snigs' Spot

Lizard spit, that is.

The Husband saw a new cardiologist today after we lost all faith in the one he was seeing.

Why did we lose faith?

Perhaps it was due to the differing number of stents he’s told us he placed.

Perhaps it was due to him telling me he ruptured the left coronary artery, then telling the husband he had not (with almost foot stomping), then his nurse reading US his procedure notes stating he did.

Perhaps it was due to him saying further stents were almost emergent back in January, but then saying he didn’t know what we were talking about in February.

Perhaps it was all of the above.

Anyway, he saw a new doc today who was highly recommended by several of the cardiac care nurses.  She’s checking over his films from previous heart caths & his stress test results and doing some genetic marker…

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