Afghanistan Deployment I

Amy Proctor who was the proprietor of Bottom Line, Up Front which is now no longer active has allowed me to blog her photos. Her husband has just deployed to Afghanistan from Fort Stewart, Georgia. The pictures start with taking their children to the Warrior’s Walk…………………

We started out on the eve of Johnny Proctor’s deployment with a stroll on the Warrior’s Walk on Ft. Stewart, GA, which commemorates each fallen soldier who has died in the War on Terror from the 3rd Infantry Division. There are about 445 memorial trees planted so far.
Medal of Honor SGT Paul Smith’s tree on the Warrior’s Walk.

Johnny Proctor walking the Warriors Walk with our kids.
The Warrior’s Walk. Fort Stewart, Georgia. Home of the 3rd Infantry Division.

Arriving on post as Johnny Proctor prepares to deploy for a year to Afghanistan.

MSG Johnny Proctor.

Lots of stuff to bring along for the trip.
Johnny Proctor and Kids.
Old Glory
Formation with some extra hands
One of our Commanding Generals with some of his battle rattle.

Johnny Proctor signing out his gun and stocking up on ammunition.

Johnny Proctor not stressing out.

Military family being interviewed by a Savannah news station.
Helen packing heat
Isaac packing heat.
When bored, play with hair.
Johnny Proctor, John Proctor
The family waiting… and waiting… and waiting….
We play with hair when we’re bored.

Getting ready to board the bus to board the plane to Afghanistan.
— with Johnny Proctor.

Amy is a Facebook Friend as a result of the blogo-sphere. She has hinted that the blog may be back to chronicle the deployment. We all pray for the safe return of Master Sergeant Johnny Proctor.

4 thoughts on “Afghanistan Deployment I

  1. Positive thoughts and respect to these remarkable people who I do not know. Get it done, then get out of there.

You may fire when ready, Gridley

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