Bad News

We at the 416 AMU got bad news today. One of our coworkers had been in the hospital in Palmdale for about a week or so. He had been feeling poorly and not looking good either, for a while.

One of the guys was able to pay him a visit last night. The tests said cancer. Ton of bricks on all of us.

Ed Cunningham AO1, US Navy Retired. Shipmate.


5 thoughts on “Bad News

  1. Got news today of the passing of another shipmate, retired Commander Tom Turnbull. Tom was a helo driver with HAL-5 when I met him and a helluva nice guy.

    One claim to fame for Tom was the day he and a crew chief were out on a Check Flight following an engine change, and the engine gave out around 10,000ft. He and the crew chief auto-rotated down into a field near Pt. Mugu, successfully sliding down a dirt road, crossing a paved highway, and coming to a rest on another dirt road across the highway. Both gents got out, shook their flight suits free of any ‘detritus’, and had themselves a smoke. Rumor has it the beer tasted really good that night.

    Tom went on to FedEx flying MD-10’s and MD-11’s, when an incident on approach to Anchorage prompted him to go see a Doc. Brain tumor. He fought it through several cycles, but finally got called home on the 21st.

    It’s never fun to learn of a friend having cancer, but I’ve learned to accept it as part of a course change in life. Sometimes the course change takes us into that well known clearing at the end of the path, a clearing where all must arrive at some point. I’m simply grateful now to have known those who have gone on ahead, and look forward to that great Liberty Call where we all go ashore again and celebrate the lives well lived.

You may fire when ready, Gridley

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