Been playing with the look of the blog

Can you tell? I think this is it. It has the capability of a larger but not too large, header picture. It is a clean looking theme, in my humble opinion. I like it.

The pic I found on a railroad photo site looking for something with the area I live in is in the picture. This train is on the BNSF line from Mojave to Barstow. I go under this line twice a day in and out the North Gate at Edwards AFB where I work. It has cleared the South Mojave Junction Switch and is picking up speed to head to Barstow.


5 thoughts on “Been playing with the look of the blog

  1. I guess its a sign of the (green) times, but the sight of windmills on the mountain in the background takes away from the pic. If it were the same train rumbling past a ghost town with old-style windmills, maybe I’d see it differently. Photoshop might fix that for you. I’m not being critical. I’m just pointing out the first thing I saw after the train.

  2. Thanks guys!
    Dale, I could not find one with the Mojave Air and Spaceport in it with a train. Mojave is noted for airplane stuff, including a bone yard and the Space Ship One among others. Those wind turbines have been there for a long time. The Missus and I saw them in the mid 80s when we were at NAS Lemoore. The Tehachapi is windy, very windy, like Sacramento, ya know!

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