We also played basketball in the gym at night. There was Fat Emma’s and Moon Pies along with the Rowntree Maple Buds Candy at the little general store.
Our Grandmother and Great Aunt did live in the same house. We did end up living in one just like it at a place called Conquerville a few years later.
The back porch was my bedroom. It was not insulated. Southern Alberta Winters are something in the realm of not for the faint of heart.
Good Lord, I do miss that place so………………….

Pixie Place II

When I was young, my grandmother and great aunt were school teachers in a small farming community in southern Alberta. The county supplied housing, little 2 bedroom teacherages near the school. Did both of them have their own house? I seem to think so…but they may have shared one place. They were VERY small (our family lived in one a few years later, in another part of County Forty Mile).

Manyberries is way out on the great plains, with only a small general store and a post office, plus a mechanic and a church, I think, at that time UPDATE: A Google search says a bar/hotel was probably open then, too. And of course, the school, which served the children from farms and ranches in the area, grades one through twelve. The streets were not paved.

One year (that I’m positive of…4th grade?), my family and my cousin’s family all…

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  1. Did you look at the pictures of the one for sale? Indoors…I could smell it…knew every cabinet…that cold prairie wind speaks to my soul, and at this time of year, I miss it more than ever…

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