On Impeachment And Hills Vs. Mountains

One of those nights…………………………………..
What can I say?
Bob Belvedere, Esquire.

The Camp Of The Saints

Dan Collins has a happy talent for taking a number of issues that don’t necessarily seem directly related and, through the flow of the writings in his posts, showing you how they really are.

He performs this task again today in a mini-essay, over at The Necropolitan Sentinal [one could say that Dano is a Necromancer], that is well-worth your time.

A highlight:

Obama Impeachment?

As the Scandalpalooza grows, the possibility has to be mooted, at least by pundits. Like others, I’ve been reluctant to go there, because I don’t think that Congress has its ducks in a row, and there’s a lot more that we need answers about. But a few days ago Drudge tweeted out to ask whether, under the circumstances, We the People have the cojones left to back the impeachment of the First Black President (barring Clinton), should occasion arise. It’s an interesting question.

Congressman Gowdy, at…

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You may fire when ready, Gridley

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