Kanani Fong I love California.

Kanani Fong is one of us on Neptunus Lex at Facebook.

This is a really good read.

I have run a small business here, and there is considerable bureaucracy to do so in the field we were in. However, what makes it difficult are a number of issues cause by both Republicans and Democrats –especially the tax laws which favor large corporations over small businesses, the number of added on fees. The cost of living, and I would say, the grossly inflated housing prices, coupled with Prop 13 –which has created a crazy 2 tiered system of uneven taxation –my neighbors pay 1k a year for property tax, I pay 6k. Their house is worth a lot more than mine, has also led to a inequities that simply put: are ridiculous. In addition, the power of unions in this state –from the state employees union, the prison guards union, teachers unions have all put a stranglehold on our futures with their expensive pension promises. Simply put, long gone are the days of anyone working for one large bureaucracy for their entire lives for the majority of people. Small businesses will continue to grow, and this state could benefit if they’d recognize this, and rid itself of the tyranny of unions, unequal taxation, and also really start boosting education by steering away from the reforms being instituted by the Feds that make teachers teach for the test.


4 thoughts on “Kanani Fong I love California.

  1. fjgumby

    Another gripe: at least around the South Bay, there’s no longer any place, out in the open, where a random member of the public is allowed to be out at night to look at the stars. Not so many years ago, there used to be a few places one could go on the spur of the moment for meteor showers and such, but now all the public (or publicly-accessible) land in the hills has curfews. This is just another aspect of the hyper-regulation of life.
    On the subject of Prop. 13: without it, given the grossly inflated housing prices of a few years ago, I would have been taxed out of my home, because house flippers (or, rather, their banks) were buying nearby properties for many times what they were worth. I can (just about) afford the taxes on the $150K home I bought many years ago; I can’t afford the taxes on the $650K home that happens to be identical and just down the street.

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