Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

The Lexicans

Images of Tahiti 1986



1986 was an interesting year for me. I was working as a programmer and in December, I got fired. Got a severance check and I was thinking that (A) The likelihood of my finding another job in December was slim and (B) I wanted to see the South Pacific and if I didn’t go now I’d most likely have to wait 30 years for retirement.

One either has the time and no money or money and no time for such things.

Or no health.

As it happened Qantas (For Queensland And Northern Territories Air Service ) was offering a special ticket – like a EurailPass – where, if memory serves me, I could make up to 20 stops in the South Pacific – I just couldn’t backtrack.

So I made a general plan as to where I wanted to go – Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia…

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You may fire when ready, Gridley

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