Back Home in The Desert

We got in on Wednesday at about 1800. We almost filled a 10 by 10 storage in Wichita. I filled a 6 by 12 U Haul trailer as well to bring back to California. We have a 10 by 10 storage here as well. The house in Wichita was 1850 square feet with a full basement. We live in a 1630 square foot house here with no basement.
Three days on the road, 1500 miles even. We came back via I-35 to I-40 in OKC.
I still have some rearranging to do to get our big hutch into the living room. I will need help. I buy the beer and it is done probably next weekend as it is my first four day furlough weekend.
I guess The Kern County Desert is now home for the foreseeable future.
I would like to thank all for the thoughts, prayers and wishes during this stressful time. We are one, Lexicans, Friends, Shipmates and Comrades.


3 thoughts on “Back Home in The Desert

You may fire when ready, Gridley

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