Storm in The Desert

On occasion this time of year we get these big Thunder Bumpers. It makes me think of Kansas. Yeah, I miss The Sunflower State.

This storm looked like it had a lot of rain but out here, most of the rain does not reach the ground. It is the powerful wind pushing the sand and dirt. Visibility on the roads suffers because of the blowing sand.

This big puppy was to the East over North Edwards, Boron, Kramer Junction and Barstow at least.

Storm 18 Aug 2013-2
Looking NNE toward The Rand Mountains


Storm 18 Aug 2013-1
To the East over Casa de Sharon y Glenn in Cal City



5 thoughts on “Storm in The Desert

  1. Bishop Wash

    As we’ve traveled the country on our Air Force journey, my wife misses the storms of our native Kansas. She’s there now while I’m deployed and enjoying the summer.

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