The One Lovely Blog Award

Domestic Geek Girl


Fellow blogger and video game addict John Heatz from All About Gaming Blog had nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award awhile back. (By “awhile back”, I think Tessa was still in my belly.) I follow John on Twitter and burn with jealousy whenever he talks about all the new games he’s playing. I kid you not, our Xbox, PS3 AND our TV broke and we have not had the monies to fix them. So I’m stuck to PC games, and the only one I care to play is WoW because it’s made of crack. So I feel like a horrible geek that fails at life for being out of the video game scene for so long. My teenage working-at-Gamestop self would be appalled.

At any rate! I’m ready to pass on the kindness in the viral awards blogosphere… better late than never, yeah?!

Here are the rules…

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You may fire when ready, Gridley

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