The unmistakable taste of space

“Back in the golden days of the American manned space program NASA shone with an almost divine light. The Space program was the embodiment of anything futuristic and the glare of rocket engines could elevate even the most mundane of products to a scientific breakthrough. Any brand even remotely connected to the space program proudly presented themselves as Space Age, or at the very least extraordinarily futuristic. American consumers were easily seduced”

“In 1957 William A. Mitchell of General Foods Corporation formulated a powder-based sweet and tangy orange-flavored drink, named Tang after the tangerine citrus fruit. The new drink hit the shelves in 1959, but did not fare well in the competitive American soft drink market. General Foods had aimed Tang at the breakfast table but despite promising more vitamin C than real orange juice America was not ready for a powder-based breakfast drink.”

The rest is at the link below.

The unmistakable taste of space



6 thoughts on “The unmistakable taste of space

      1. I get off work at midnight! It is almost 30 minutes to home. I have my routine when I get to the house!
        I take care of my lunch stuff, jump into my PJ’s, fire up the DVR to Red Eye and crack open a high quality malt beverage!

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