A Luau in Honor of the “Greatest Generation”

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Tiki 1December 7, 1941, the “date that will live in infamy” marked America’s entrance into World War II, what was to become the bloodiest conflict in recorded history that saw over 16 Million Americans putting on the uniform of one of the various branches making up our Armed Services.

When the world needed them the most, these men & women answered the call to fight a tyrannical enemy on the battlefields, in the air and on the open seas, prevailing four years later after over 400,000 of their number lay dead with another 670,000 wounded.

Five years later, 1950, many answered the call again to stand against another enemy to freedom in the small country of Korea, joining the younger men & women until a cease fire was signed 3 years later.

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Training Squadron 26 Buckeyes

For some who follow they are familiar and we knew them well. North American had a winner here. Tough little jet. The first one fledgling Naval Aviators took to the ship. I did 22 months in VT-26 Airframes, three shifts sometimes six days a week. We had 70 airplanes assigned. Our Mid Shift did about five phase inspections a night……….The squadron flew 140 to 160 training sorties per day. Busy place.

Our Tail Code was C. We also put USS Lexington on the jets. The Bicentennial Jet was a special one and made the airshow circuit.

T-2C, 158583, VT-26, NAS Chase, June 1983, Friddell T-2C, VT-26 Ramp, NAS Chase, June 1982, Friddell T-2C, 158591, VT-26, Sept 1979, R Morgan T-2C, 158311 with 159715 (XO aircraft), VT-26, Mar 1980, D Balcer T-2C, 157057, VT-26, Dec 1979, F Garcia T-2C_Buckeye_of_VT-26_in_flight_over_Gulf_of_Mexico_1989 VT-26 T-2C in Tension on Lexington VT-26 T-2C Cat Shot from LexingtonI did make one Carrier Qualification Det to Lexington in the Summer of 1977. One week long and got a ride back on Casper The Friendly Ghost.

NAS Chase Field and all three squadrons of Training Air Wing 3 were de-established in the first half of 1993 a few months before I retired from active service.