Soldier Faces Prison For Unpatriotic Selfie

Seems this particular news item is getting folks all in a tizzy………….This particular item was at Fox Nation.

Now I figure this is best left to the Platoon Sergeant or Company First Sergeant…………Because folks, we in the modern Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air Force have been doing this for sometime now. It is one of those little things that gets an individual an ass chewing or assigned to the color detail for a period of time as a means of instruction in Military Bearing. So in the Navy and Coast Guard it would be the Leading Petty Officer or Leading Chief Petty Officer or Branch/Division Officer. A Marine would be handled by his NCOIC, Platoon Sergeant or First Sergeant as for the Air Force these days, I want to say the Flight Chief……………..

I had an instance in the early 1990’s of a Restricted Man skylarking as a member of the Color Guard at NAS Whidbey Island WA. I was a Restriction Barracks Senior Petty Officer and we were tasked with Morning and Evening Colors. The OOD, who was a Marine Gunnery Sergeant decided that the man in question would be on the Color Guard for one week for both Morning and Evening Colors………….Got the kid’s attention………………

America’s Sergeant Major, proprietor of Castra Praetoria has this to say about this little fracas…………..


You may fire when ready, Gridley

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