Lex LeFon-Two Years

Not the best day today………………………….

The Lexicans

Today marks two years since CAPT Carroll “Lex” LeFon, USN (Ret.) passed in an accident at NAS Fallon.

We’ve talked about his accomplishments as an officer, an aviator, a family man.

We’ve praised his writings many times over the years.*

Let’s take a moment to discuss another aspect of his legacy. He had a fantastically loyal cadre of readers and commenters. To be sure, as a milblogger, a goodly number of them were fellow sailors and aviators, or otherwise connected with the service. But a large swath had no connection at all to the service beyond enjoying his writing. A large Facebook community sprang up, and is still going strong. Other Lexicans share on WordPress.

And this weekend, many will gather in San Diego at Shakespeare’s, Lex’s favorite pub, to remember Lex, enjoy time with Mary, his widow, and look to the future.

We miss you, Lex. And we…

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