Trip to Tehachapi

I had to go to Tehachapi this morning to pick up my new orthotic inserts. It was a photo op kind of morning.








4 thoughts on “Trip to Tehachapi

  1. Old 1811

    When I saw the headline, I was intrigued. The only thing I know about Tehachapi is, it’s mentioned in a Linda Ronstadt song (“Willin'”) that I remember from my youth. (I mean, that my mother told me about.) I was looking forward to pictures of the place. If that’s all there is to it, I didn’t miss much.

    1. These were taken along Tehachapi Boulevard heading east toward CA 58. I took them due to the weather and cloud conditions. I also like trains. The UP has a long siding and several house tracks and an industry lead there.

      1. Old 1811

        After I sent the first comment, I saw that you had other pictures posted elsewhere, and I went and looked at them. I saw there is more to it, but still . . . not my cuppa tea.
        Of course, if everyone liked the same place, it would get awfully crowded.
        And if I’m ever in that area (and I like the non-coastal parts of CA), I’ll take a trip there just to see it for myself. I’ve been pleasantly surprised before.

  2. Old 1811

    Just to be sure I wasn’t being unfair to Tehachapi (after all, would Linda Ronstadt sing about a bad town?), I Googled it, looked at some pictures, and read the reviews on the Mexican restaurants (Mexican, of course, being what God eats).
    If the food is really as good as the reviews say, I gladly take back anything negative I may have said or thought. If I get to that neck of the woods, I’ll definitely try it out.

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