Kaddish for Buck along with a Toast

Armed Forces Prayer Book Better View Of My Kippa In The Shawl Reading Kaddish Scotch and Cigar The Toast\

I said The Kaddish tonight for our Most Dear Friend, Fellow Lexican and Fellow Blogger. Buck would have liked this, I believe……………..

I hope The Diety at Hand would like my humble offering as well.


3 thoughts on “Kaddish for Buck along with a Toast

  1. Yes, I have been saying Kaddish (and hearing it said by others) too many times of late.

    Curiously, the Kaddish prayer in all of its variants (there is one for the actual burial, two different ones said by mourners in the year following the death,and two others (“Full Kaddish” and “Half Kaddish”) said as part of the regular religious service without regard to mourning) makes no mention of death; it praises G-d and accepts His sovereignty over the universe.

    What is there for Buck to not like about it?

    Rest in peace, Buck!

You may fire when ready, Gridley

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