Flygirlpainter got it finished

Simply the best looking helo paint scheme I have ever seen…………

I thought the HSM-35 Magicians one was killer and I saw it at the Miramar Show.

This one is the best.

Scorpion 100 Bureau Number
Bureau Number
Scorpion 100 Dog House
The Dog House
Scorpion 100 nose
The Nose
Scorpion 100 tail 1
Left side of the pylon
Scorpion 100 tail 2
Left side
Scorpion 100 tail 3
Right side
Scorpion 100 tail 4
Tail Surface
Scorpion 100 tail 5
Tail surface close up
Shayne Scott Jim
Signed by the artists
Shayne with HSM-49 CO Bobby Brown
Shayne Meder and HSM-49 CO, Commander Bobby Brown

The Navy Helo Community seems to like Shayne’s work!



2 thoughts on “Flygirlpainter got it finished

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