The Southeast Kern County Desert 10 June 2015

After a trip to the doc in Tehachapi, I ran to the commissary and The Panda Express on Edwards AFB. The Desert was a bit photogenic this afternoon.

Taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

11229821_953061701382843_8616436831610858821_n 11390108_953062368049443_7284294398121066758_n 11390238_953062241382789_8529155709447553228_n 11390304_953062304716116_7326556787769183289_n 11391354_953062094716137_5791412404175614389_n 11391548_953062008049479_2359623472004219075_n 11391765_953062044716142_2244810695735567404_n 11401385_953061891382824_2485447701937196873_n 11403482_953062144716132_6653244489308790869_n 11406449_953061738049506_291084657698661540_n 11412103_953061954716151_640012651924191999_n 11416172_953062404716106_448113188941867827_n 11416191_953062268049453_8713078789736731768_n 11390256_953062204716126_7858670135390979417_n


2 thoughts on “The Southeast Kern County Desert 10 June 2015

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