MiGFlug Can Take You to the Edge of Space for a Fairly Reasonable Price

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The Tactical Air Network

If you’ve got $18,500 USD to spare and a valid passport, you might as well give MiGFlug a call to book the flight of a lifetime. The organization whose tagline is “Be a Fighter Pilot For a Day” offers civilians the opportunity to fly up to 72,000 feet (22 kilometers) in the backseat of a MiG-29 Fulcrum, with one of Mikoyan’s premier test pilots from their Sokol facility riding up front. That’s the flight of a lifetime, considering that you’re nearer to the edge of space than anyone in existence, save for the astronauts aboard the International Space Station (and possibly super secret black aircraft pilots/RSOs in spy planes that don’t exist). How exactly does MiGFlug take you that high? Well, they use the Fulcrum’s ability to push a little past double the speed of sound to break through the MiG’s service ceiling of 59,000 feet. Adopting a ballistic…

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One response to “MiGFlug Can Take You to the Edge of Space for a Fairly Reasonable Price”

  1. Old NFO Avatar

    That’s an E-Ticket ride! 🙂


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