The Complete Inauthentic Man

“His whole life-story is counterfeit.

He is a Total Fraud.

One is tempted to say about ‘Obama’ that there is no ‘there’ there, but I think we have to revise that description to read: There is no Good-there there. He acts in a wicked manner, eschewing all sense of Morality and Virtue. He has nothing but disdain and scorn for all that is Honest, Decent, and True.

Thus, this creature is The Complete Inauthentic Man.”
Bob Belvedere

The Camp Of The Saints

I’m speaking, as you probably guessed, about ‘Barack Hussein Obama’, who is a fictional character created by David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Bill Ayers, Barry Soetoro, etc.

Well, let me count the ways this poor excuse for a President [and a Man] is spurious:

-He is an Inauthentic American, someone who actually hates and despises everything America stands for so much that he is rabidly working to destroy this country.

Obama-MirrorMe-He is an Inauthentic Christian, because he is such a complete Narcissistic: he is not Humble or Merciful in any way nor, I suspect, has he ever felt any Shame for his actions.  Also, his favoritism towards those who want to see Christians and Jews dead or enslaved [ie: Muslims] is Pathological, bespeaking a deep hatred for those two peoples [his Anti-Semitism is barely concealed these days].

-He is an Inauthentic Guardian of the Poor.  Power And Control, the achieving and…

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