At RWN: The Best Quotes From “Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai”

Home sick today with the dry heaves and chills………………….

Perusing the Inter Tubes and came across this section at Right Wing News with the one word title, “Quotes.”

I thought this one was very interesting out of the list after a quick look…………………..

Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai is a classic 300 year old book about bushido, which is the Samurai’s “way of the warrior.” There’s a lot of wisdom in the book, although all of it is not applicable to modern life. Even in the areas where Yamamoto Tsunetomo’s honor code doesn’t quite fit, it still entertains and fascinates, as you’re about to see.”

“A man’s life is only a vapor that vanishes in an instant. One should spend his life doing that which he enjoys. As short as life is, it is foolish to spend it doing only the things one hates.”

The list is at the link…………………have a good read, my friends.

The Gutfeld Quotes are pretty good as well.


You may fire when ready, Gridley

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