Comedy Gold! Noted blogger mocksConspiracy loons Roger Stone and Alex Jones

The Daley Gator

Roger Stone, taking Douchebaggery to new levels

Stone1Suckers on Parade deserves an award of some kind for this!

We all realize we live in dangerous times, and we are reminded daily by the Tinfoil Hat brigades that conspiracies lurk around ever corner. And former Richard Nixon dirty trickster and super-important truth-teller Roger Stone wants America to know that he’s ready for anything Hillary Clinton is personally planning to throw at him, because this isn’t his first dance and he knows the Clinton Mafia likes to play rough.

Like that time they totally killed JFK Jr. by blowing up his plane and miraculously making the wreckage look like it hit the water intact. So it should be no surprise that Stone, in an interview Thursday with the self confessed late night cockroach assassin on Alex Jones’ Fantasy Internet Fest, warned Hillary Clinton: If she comes at the King, she’d best…

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Facebook Jail for ORPO. I got hit Friday afternoon for “offending someone” on the Bakersfield Now page………………It goes in the ash can when I get back on tomorrow.

It was the old word for “illegal alien.”

People sure get butt hurt very easily these days.


A ‘Golden Opportunity’

Hat tip to Bob Belvedere

The Camp Of The Saints

One way to effectively battle the Despots running our governments is to refuse to go along with their un-Constitutional decrees, to not cooperate in our Enslavement by Tyrants.

In America, it is we individuals who hold the Sovereignty.  Ultimately we are the source of all Legitimate Authority.  Our governments at all levels exist to protect our Natural Rights.  In other words, the Government exists to serve us, not — and never — the other way around.  We determine the amount of Power that our governments can wield in our name.  We determine what are the limits on the Power and Control they may exercise.  We consent to their very and continued existence.

We agree, via our Constitution, to support our governments in their efforts by, among other ways, complying with the Laws they pass and even the Regulations they issue.  When we believe they have overstepped their Delegated Powers, we…

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