Aerosucre Colombia Boeing 727 Overran Runway on Takeoff at Puerto Carreno

This one was ugly. Only one survivor out of six individuals on board.

The World of Aviation

A 41 year old Aerosucre Colombia Boeing 727-2J0F (Adv) HK-4544 (c/n 21105) was destroyed when it crashed shortly after takeoff from Puerto Carreño Airport in Colombia. One of the six crew members survived the accident.

The aircraft, powered by 3x Pratt & Whitney JT8D-15 (HK3) Engines, took off from Runway 24, a 1780m long runway about 17:20 local time (23:20Z). Videos are circulating online, showing the accident aircraft on takeoff.

The fiery remains of HK-4544:

Impressions from the crash site (Photo: Aviación Comercial en Colombia) ©Aviación Comercial en Colombia

The airplane failed to lift off the runway and crossed the airport perimeter fence (96m from the runway) and road in a nose up attitude. At this point, afterburner flames can be seen leaving the exhaust for Engine No.2, indicating a compressor stall in the engine.

The right wing of the 727 then impacted trees (visible in the video above) before becoming airborne 3 minutes later, the aircraft began to lose height…

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