A day to remember our friend

We got the news this day, seven years ago. Kfir down at NAS Fallon. We all had our fears of what happened. It couldn’t be….. But sadly when the details came out it was. Somehow, I knew when the news initially said the jet was down. I don’t know why but I did.

Lex was gone. An amazing level of hurt came over me. It’s still here as I write this. When I went to work, I did the most thorough of pre-flights on my jet that I had ever done. It was almost like he was watching me. It was that pilot to crew chief link that we had. That was how our relationship was. I was glad to have had it that way.

The following of Lex has led me to a group of friends that I treasure with all my heart.

Sorry, it’s getting hard to see the keyboard and screen……….

ORPO sends……………..


4 thoughts on “A day to remember our friend

  1. SCOTT OLSON March 6, 2019 / 08:01

    BADGER PAW SALUTE to both of you, Glenn. Two honored Men, of Naval Aviation.

  2. Old AF Sarge March 6, 2019 / 09:36

    Well said Glenn. Well said.

  3. Mongo March 6, 2019 / 19:13

    Got a text from a friend while at work. “Milblogger Neptunus Lex has died.”
    Sucker punch to the gut. The next two evenings saw two fifths of Jameson expended.
    Occasionally, the events of that tragic day run through my mind, and, with the mishap report now available, all the pointed “wtf were people thinking?” questions come back to the surface.
    So grateful for the community, and the ever strengthening binds that tie us together. Lex would be proud of that.

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