A short history of yours truly.

Native of the Northern High Plains of Montana and Alberta. Now a resident of the Mojave Desert.Served in the United States Navy 1973-1993. Married to Sharon Kay Naatz for 32 going on 33 years.

Dad to four. Granddad to five. Sometime railroader and aircraft builder, mechanic and all around jack of many trades, master of none.

Hard Ass Conservative. Put a sock in it.

Pro Second Amendment.

Recent Cancer Survivor. You read that right.

AMH1(AW) United States Navy

The above portrait was taken aboard USS George Washington CVN 73 in September-October of 1992, during the initial shakedown cruise with the Air Wing Embarked. I was at that time in Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron One Four Zero, The Patriots. It is the last formal portrait in my Service Dress Blue Uniform. Handsome devil, wasn’t I?

5 thoughts on “A short history of yours truly.

  1. My son served at Stumps too………… I went to visit him out there. At first, he said it was really pretty, then he said it was pretty plain. I’d have to agree with his second assessment………

    Bob Perrow

You may fire when ready, Gridley

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