Forty Five

Forty Five years ago on a Saturday morning no less, I put my right hand in the air and took the oath of enlistment from an Army 1st Lt. and enlisted in the US Navy.

“I, (Glenn Mark Cassel), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.””

It turned into a long run.

Forty five years already……..

Yeah, I cheated and did the copy and paste from Wikipedia. It was easy ya know.


Firing Up The Wayback Machine……………….aka, Where I Come From……………….

A couple of links to The Missoulian concerning Havre, Montana, the hometown of this Old Retired Petty Officer……………………”H” is for Havre as the paper says……..

The old Post Office is where I registered for the draft in 1972 after graduation and turning 18. We did it in person those days. The Selective Service Office was on the Third Floor.

Marc Whitacre stands outside the historic post office and federal courthouse in Havre that he and his wife Erica Farmer have restored as an event center, professional office space and living quarters for their family. The building had extensive damage from water leaking in from the roof and years of neglect when Whitacre, an ophthalmologist, and Farmer, an optometrist, bought it in 2011, and they have done much of the restoration themselves

The second link is about the “……..remote Hi-Line town of Havre.”

The railroad and U.S. Highway 2 run straight through the heart of Havre, which is an important hub of transportation, commerce, farming and ranching, education and health care in north-central Montana.

All due credit to Cory Walsh and The Missoulian

When L.A. Was Empty: Wide-Open SoCal Landscapes | LA as Subject | SoCal Focus | KCET

My dear friend, Joy McCann had this on Facebook a little while ago. The pictures of Los Angeles a long time a go are quite good.

View of North Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley from the Santa Monica Mountains, 1909. Courtesy of the USC Libraries - California Historical Society Collection.
View of North Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley from the Santa Monica Mountains, 1909. Courtesy of the USC Libraries – California Historical Society Collection.

Go to the link below and have a look. I think you will enjoy it.

When L.A. Was Empty: Wide-Open SoCal Landscapes | LA as Subject | SoCal Focus | KCET.

5 years ago today part 3

Arrived at Via Christi Saint Francis Medical Center at 0530.
Got admitted. Went up to the surgical floor.
Out of the clothes and into the gown.
Belly was shaved.
Warm up shot.
Kissed Sharon.
Rolled to Pre Op.
IV in each arm.
Second warm up shot.
The last thing I remember was going through the double doors into the OR.
Woke up in the rolling bed going down a passageway surrounded by people.
Got to the room.
Doc and a small squad of nurses doing checks.
One nurse said that I needed to get up and walk!
The answer is not repeatable in mixed company. I assure you of that.
The surgery started at 0800. It was all done by 0945.
Left Kidney had been removed. The Fancy word is nephrectomy.
When I was released 4 days later, Doc Farha told me the pathology said that it was cancer.
Smack! Upside the head.

Three years ago today……………………

………………..I heard this phrase from my doctor. ” I have good news and I have bad news.”

Digest that, will you? I only thought it happened on TV and in the Movies. Big surprise, I got!

I had gone to the doc for some digestive issues. Bloating, pain, irregularity and such. He decided on a scan due to the gurgling and such. Went through the scan and then waited…………….

Come on back into the exam room……..Got the above phrase…………

Good News: Diverticulitis………..Treatable with antibiotics and diet changes…………gave up a lot of things I loved.

Bad News: Large mass on my left kidney…………by the time I left, I had an appointment with a specialist six days later, 10SEP09…………………..

More to follow on next Monday, 10 SEP 12……………………………

BTW, there is a happy ending…………….because I am still here!

Trivia,some personal history and a bit of good news.

Yesterday, the 29th was a significant milestone in a way. Thirty eight years ago on that date I raised my right hand and was sworn into the United States Navy.

Today is the eighteen year mark of my retirement from active service. The kids were still all in school. I only had a few grey hairs here and there. Now we have five grandchildren and what hair is left is going away.

And the good news is that my Doctor called today with the results of my CT scan done on Monday last………….. Clear. Nothing. Nada. Everything is doing great.

Follow update for yesterday

Two years ago, today, my left kidney was removed. It is called a nephrectomy. The large mass was too close to the arteries, so the kidney came out. Still got the other one working real good!

The only thing I have to do now is have a CT scan about this time of year……………………ad infinitum………

The pathology came back on the 24th, the day I went home from the hospital. It was cancer. But it was under the fat layer. Dodged a bullet, metaphorically speaking.

Two years ago, today………

September the Fourth, 2009.

I went to my doctor with some digestive issues.

After the usual listening and pushing and such, he ordered up a CT Scan.

Had that done. Waited……………

Got the Good News-Bad News talk.

Good News: Diverticulitis. Manageable with diet changes and antibiotics to knock the infection down.

Bad News: Large Mass on the left kidney. Shocker that one was.

I was less than two weeks out from heading out here to California to start at Edwards AFB. Had to do some tap dancing.

The appointment with a urologist was made that very day, before I even left to go home.

Large Mass. Shocker. Freaked out a bit.

Zogby: Bachmann Holds Commanding Lead Over All Republicans

Although there is a lot of time left, it seems as though Michelle Bachmann is beginning to make a difference. And at the expense of the establishment favorites, no less.

Good on her. I am now to the point where I will be supporting her run for President. Romney be damned. He is no better than the camel jockey in the white house.

Eighteen Months Ago

Tomorrow is actually the mark but I have to go to Lancaster to the VA Community Outreach Clinic.

But it was 18 months ago that I had the surgery to remove my left kidney. The one with the large mass. It was determined to be cancer after the pathology came back. The urologist gave me an eighty five percent rating of getting really old. At fifty five that is a good number. Really good.

It also is the same milestone for quitting smoking. Four days in hospital made it really easy.

So to all who were so supportive, again, my heartfelt thanks.