Time Flies……….It’s been three years since that awesome day……Already?

This day three years ago, I was privileged to spend a great day onboard The Good Ship USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76 with my dear friends, Chris Goodrich, aka the OldAFSarge and The WSO, Erika Cho.

I thought for the sake of waxing poetic that I would post a few pictures of that most awesome of days.

Sandy Eggo Sunrise


NAS North Island Flight Line
Fort Rosecrans…………resting place of our friend, Captain Carroll Lefon……
Point Loma. This is a familiar sight to yours truly as I saw it many times when aboard Ranger and Kitty Hawk.
Kestrel’s Four Ship Diamond
Maintainers “flying with their hands!”
Old AF Sarge
Chris as the Squadron Duty Officer!
OldAFSarge, The WSO and yours truly. 
HSC-4 and The Colors
Chris, Erika, Bubbles and Mrs. Bubbles.
HSC-4 CAG Ship
Selfie Time!
Launch Bar Parallel
I managed to get the launch bare almost parallel with the deck. It was simply luck!

I still think about that day…..I suppose I always will as it was that return to what I spent so many years doing.

To smell the salt air, catapult steam and jet exhaust…………………

One of us is gone

It is sad that one of our number has left this life.

Buck Pennington, aka MSGT Buck passed away this past week. The news was posted on his blog, Exile In Portales by his sons, Commander Pennington and Major Pennington.


Damn. I am gonna miss him terribly.

Christopher Goodrich has a most eloquent post at his place………………………………………



So Long My Friend

Someday, we will meet again

At Fiddler’s Green

Soldier Faces Prison For Unpatriotic Selfie

Seems this particular news item is getting folks all in a tizzy………….This particular item was at Fox Nation.


Now I figure this is best left to the Platoon Sergeant or Company First Sergeant…………Because folks, we in the modern Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air Force have been doing this for sometime now. It is one of those little things that gets an individual an ass chewing or assigned to the color detail for a period of time as a means of instruction in Military Bearing. So in the Navy and Coast Guard it would be the Leading Petty Officer or Leading Chief Petty Officer or Branch/Division Officer. A Marine would be handled by his NCOIC, Platoon Sergeant or First Sergeant as for the Air Force these days, I want to say the Flight Chief……………..

I had an instance in the early 1990’s of a Restricted Man skylarking as a member of the Color Guard at NAS Whidbey Island WA. I was a Restriction Barracks Senior Petty Officer and we were tasked with Morning and Evening Colors. The OOD, who was a Marine Gunnery Sergeant decided that the man in question would be on the Color Guard for one week for both Morning and Evening Colors………….Got the kid’s attention………………

America’s Sergeant Major, proprietor of Castra Praetoria has this to say about this little fracas…………..


Perspective and a life lesson

I got this from Cindy King Barrow. She has the blog Snigs’ Spot. She is also a dear, sweet friend.
Cindy is an LPN who does in home care.

This is going to sound harsh, but maybe it needs to. To the folks sitting on disability for eons, despite being ABLE enough to party, be impregnated, being able to impregnate someone, and generally enjoy life- you should be ashamed.

One of my best patients died today after suffering ALS for the last couple of years. THIS PATIENT WAS STILL WORKING UNTIL LAST WEEK. Unable to breathe without a BiPaP machine, paralyzed from the waist down, unable to speak, being fed through a tube, peeing in a bag, needing someone else to clean them up after a bowel movement… This patient STILL.found.a.way!

Yes, I truly believe there are SOME disabilities that are truly too disabling to allow a person to work, but I also honestly believe people are way too willing to throw up their hands and quit anymore. Personal pride has taken a nose dive. Personal responsibility is a thing of the past. It’s no longer about making what you can, but taking what you can. And that, my friends, is a load of bullshit.

Sunday Kipling Divided Destinies

Sunday Kipling Divided Destinies

Divided Destinies

It was an artless Bandar, 
and he danced upon a pine,
And much I wondered how he lived, 
and where the beast might dine,
And many many other things, till, 
o'er my morning smoke,
I slept the sleep of idleness 
and dreamt that Bandar spoke.

The rest is at the link in the title

SUNSET OF A SNIPER——-Stormbringer


The media keeps saying “former Navy SEAL” – heads up Lamestream: there’s no such thing as a “former” SEAL or Green Beret – the correct term is ‘ex-‘ meaning ‘out of’.

Chris Kyle was a better man than most; lived more in his short time on this Earth than most men would in ten lifetimes. He was a bona fide American Hero. Honor him.


Dempsey ‘disappointed’ by anti-Obama campaign by ex-military members

Our good friend and fellow Lexican, Bill Paisley had this outstanding post at The Neptunus Lex Page on Facebook.

It is worth the copy, paste and link to the article itself. Bill does a really bang up job with it. He is a true Shipmate and a Blog Bud of the Highest Order.

Thoughts about Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey comments that even retired military should, to paraphrase his comments, keep their mouths shut with regards to political commentary. I know he doesn’t use those words, but when he says he is “disappointed” in the group of former CIA agents, Navy SEALs and other military members and their long-form political ad that takes the President to task for the killing of Obama and leaks in the WH, there really isn’t any any question what he means.For me? I think his comments are BS. Pure. Unadulterated. The quick answer is, of course, you do not give up your first amendment rights to free speech as a retired military or former national security government employee. Yes, while in uniform your speech is restricted to a degree by UCMJ regulations and similar restrictions, but afterward? When you have served your nation, deployed, sacrificed, risked life, limb, family, friends, everything, and are

now John Q. Citizen, US Military, (ret)? If anything you should have *more* of a right – AND a responsibility! – to voice any opinion you may have, in any way or venue, via any media, at any time, anywhere.The deeper discussion could get into where is the line drawn with regards to keeping one’s mouth shut. When you perceive real damage to our constitution and nation is or could occur through a political ideology in power or vying for power that would seek to fundamentally change or alter our nation’s founding principles, do you keep that trap shut? So as not to become, what General Dempsey believes, “just another special interest group”? Bullcrap. Total. How could you stay silent! I don’t care if you think Obama is the second coming of Chesty Puller. Speak. Up. John Adams…”Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write.” Do not give that up. You are not a “special interest group”. You are an American – a veteran. Don’t let anyone – 4 stars or whoever it may be – talk you out of the inherent and God-given right’s you have.


Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/08/21/dempsey-disappointed-by-anti-obama-campaign-by-ex-military-members/#ixzz24GucxE88

This Old Retired Petty Officer does take issue with General Dempsey as well. The initial reaction on my part was somewhat salty of speech.
Having been Retired from the US Navy for almost nineteen years now, I can categorically let the Chairman, JCS to kindly shut his pie hole and leave me the hell alone!

Afghanistan Deployment I

Amy Proctor who was the proprietor of Bottom Line, Up Front which is now no longer active has allowed me to blog her photos. Her husband has just deployed to Afghanistan from Fort Stewart, Georgia. The pictures start with taking their children to the Warrior’s Walk…………………

We started out on the eve of Johnny Proctor’s deployment with a stroll on the Warrior’s Walk on Ft. Stewart, GA, which commemorates each fallen soldier who has died in the War on Terror from the 3rd Infantry Division. There are about 445 memorial trees planted so far.
Medal of Honor SGT Paul Smith’s tree on the Warrior’s Walk.

Johnny Proctor walking the Warriors Walk with our kids.
The Warrior’s Walk. Fort Stewart, Georgia. Home of the 3rd Infantry Division.

Arriving on post as Johnny Proctor prepares to deploy for a year to Afghanistan.

MSG Johnny Proctor.

Lots of stuff to bring along for the trip.
Johnny Proctor and Kids.
Old Glory
Formation with some extra hands
One of our Commanding Generals with some of his battle rattle.

Johnny Proctor signing out his gun and stocking up on ammunition.

Johnny Proctor not stressing out.

Military family being interviewed by a Savannah news station.
Helen packing heat
Isaac packing heat.
When bored, play with hair.
Johnny Proctor, John Proctor
The family waiting… and waiting… and waiting….
We play with hair when we’re bored.

Getting ready to board the bus to board the plane to Afghanistan.
— with Johnny Proctor.

Amy is a Facebook Friend as a result of the blogo-sphere. She has hinted that the blog may be back to chronicle the deployment. We all pray for the safe return of Master Sergeant Johnny Proctor.