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  • Gratuitous Train Pr0n, UP Style

    I found my old WordPress blog… Somehow I never posted this. These were taken in 2020. I had to venture forth to Tehachapi yesterday to get an oil change in the Civic. I did a fuel stop at the Love’s on the east end of Tehachapi and decided to use the Tehachapi Boulevard out to…

  • Barstow, Ludlow, Newberry Springs

    Barstow, Ludlow, Newberry Springs

    Those places should key the reader’s mind to something near and dear to ORPO’s heart and that is trains. Yes, my friends, I took a jaunt to the East along the Mojave and Needles Subdivisons of the BNSF. The pictures are in order, sort of. I started by attempting to get some from the 58…

  • Somewhere tropical-Boat Drinks

    What passes for early winter is here in the Southeast Kern County Desert. Highs in the low fifties and lows around freezing. The area is probably going to get hit by the big one on it’s way from the Northern Pacific. Interstate 80 is closed between Sacramento and the Nevada Line at Donner Pass. Interstate…

  • Day trip to Baker

    We decided to run up the 15 to Baker. One of our favorite little places is there, that being Alien Fresh Jerky. I got a T shirt that after it is laundered will be posted. I did take the Trusty Nikon and I did get a few pictures taken. It was an aim and fire…

  • Rainy day in the Southeast Kern County Desert

    We had some pretty significant rain on Thursday. According to a friend of mine, almost an inch. The fire ravaged areas in LA, Ventura, Orange, Santa Barbara and Riverside counties really got it hard. That aside, some of the cloud formations were a bit interesting. So without further ado, here we go. I took these…

  • It’s been awhile

    Not the song by Staind. I had to go to the Stater Bros in Mojave for the Missus. I took the Trusty Nikon with me. Here are the results of a mostly gray day in the Southeast Kern County Desert. Among the subjects is a mineral hopper train that came from Searles Junction on the…

  • Smoke in the Fremont Valley

    It’s heavier today.

  • Ridgecrest run phone pictures.

    It’s not all of them but these seemed to be the best from the Samsung Galaxy 7. Vivid sunset this evening out here in my world.

  • Trains and Clouds

    I hauled the Trusty Nikon with me on the way to work on Thursday afternoon.  I had seen a large buildup to the East from Cal City. I even managed to catch an intermodal train rolling East through Edwards heading to it’s crew change in Barstow. Apologies for the vehicular traffic on the 58. It…

  • Made a trip down below today

    I had an appointment with the podiatrist at the Sepulveda VA ACC today. I got new inserts and ankle braces. Yippee……… On the way back I stopped at the Lamont Odett View Point and broke out the Trusty Nikon. I hope you like the results.

  • Monday run to Lancaster…..

    Pictures ensued….. I had to take a release form to my VA doc from my dentist. It seems he is worried about the mixing of medications used for doing the dental work that I need and the ones the VA has me on. Another fun process………..argh……… The dentist also thinks it is a good idea…

  • Searles Junction and The Fremont Valley

    Hard to believe but I haven’t posted in two months…….. I had to run to Ridgecrest to get a new prescription filled for Missus ORPO. The base didn’t even know if they could order it so I hit Rite Aid here in Cal City this morning. The closest one with it was in Ridgecrest. I…

  • Ridgecrest run 

    I left my truck registration and insurance card at the DMV on Friday… It was off to retrieve it today. 

  • Sunday afternoon in the Mojave Desert

    I had to do some Christmas shopping for the Missus today. The Trusty Nikon got some work.

  • Desert Morning…..Last Thursday

    I had to go to urgent care for my diverticulitis…… Picture taking ensued……..