Plane Pron: Cape Air Special Liveries

I was going through the JetPhotos site and came across these beauties.

Cape Air is also the EAS carrier in Eastern Montana, including my hometown of Havre. These beauties are strictly for Caribbean routes though.


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These Stunning Photos Capture Night Ops Aboard The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower 

America’s second oldest operational aircraft carrier, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) is hard at work in the Atlantic training with its escorts and air wing for its next deployment. Part of this training includes executing night operations, just as they would in combat. These photos capture this colorful but dangerous world in awesome detail.

I have worked the Flight Deck on three ships, Independence, Ranger and Kitty Hawk. I was a Fly 1 Blueshirt(Aircraft Handler) and an Elevator Operator/Sound Powered Phone Talker on my first year plus on Independence and in squadrons in the Air Wing of Ranger and The Hawk.

The first time I went up on deck at the age of 19, I was absolutely terrified. One learns to keep one’s head on a swivel. I still have a few scars left on me from a bounce down the deck when I didn’t turn fast enough.

Source: These Stunning Photos Capture Night Ops Aboard The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower 

Commander Cody, Canned Heat, Marshall Tucker Band

We caught a good one this past weekend at The Historic Pozo Saloon, up in the hills above Santa Margarita.

Commander Cody and The New Planet Airmen, Canned Heat and The Marshall Tucker Band……………………What a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hippies, Bikers, Cowboys, Old Warhorses, etc…………………..even them Cowgirls in Daisy Dukes and Cowboy Boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commander Cody and The New Planet Airmen
Canned Heat
The Lady is Pat, age 70 and a Cancer Survivor
Yeah, it was like that…………………..
A Most Delicious Brew!
Caught in the act!!!!!!!!!!!
The Marshall Tucker Band!
Speaks for itself!
Caught in the act, part deux
These two were having a really good time!
This gentleman simply said to take his picture!

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‘Best Painted Aircraft‘ at Tigermeet: Eurofighter Typhoon: theBrigade

This was in the Sunday Surfing today. This is one awesome looking Typhoon. They have the winner at this year’s Tiger Meet(Bucket List Item).

The stunning ‘Tiger Typhoon’ clinched the international award at the event in Schleswig, North Germany. In total over 60 aircraft from 12 different nations attended the Tigermeet which is a regular event aimed at encouraging nations to freely explore interoperability and joint operations in a informal and flexible environment.
The Typhoon Tiger is one of several Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft in the Luftwaffe’s 74th Tactical Fighter Wing, formerly known as JG 74. The Bavarian Tigers first formed in March 2013 following the restructuring of the Luftwaffe that year. The Fighter Wing is based at Neuburg and Lechfeld Air Base in Bavaria. The tiger tradition was handed over from former Fighter Bomber Wing 32 in Lechfeld to Fighter Wing 74.
Kommodore Frank Graefe, who heads the Fighter Wing, said: “Everywhere we go the Tiger Typhoon has been getting a fantastic reaction. There is no doubt that it is an incredible looking aircraft. We were honoured to have been awarded this prize – especially since we were competing against the world’s best.”
“Although the award may have its light-hearted side, the NATO Tigermeets serve a serious purpose in ensuring pilots from across the organisation can hone their skills to perfection as they practice a number of scenarios in testing and demanding  operational exercises. We were delighted with the way the event went and we were proud to represent a continuing and strong tradition.”

best-painted-aircraft-at-nato-tigermeet-ef-2000-eurofighter-typhoon-1 best-painted-aircraft-at-nato-tigermeet-ef-2000-eurofighter-typhoon-3 best-painted-aircraft-at-nato-tigermeet-ef-2000-eurofighter-typhoon-11 best-painted-aircraft-at-nato-tigermeet-ef-2000-eurofighter-typhoon-15

The Loneliest Road | Explore the Loneliest Road in America


This is from a friend at Google Plus. It is pretty awesome, IMO…….A Ural Gear Up with the Sportsman Package, my camera and a tent, sleeping bag and MRE’s with a lot of water and it would be a great trip!


Ural Gear Up-Sporstman
Ural Gear Up-Sporstman. Russian version of the classic BMW from the 30’s and 40’s. This is the dream ride for me.

The Loneliest Road | Explore the Loneliest Road in America.

Ten-engine electric plane prototype takes off-A different sort of Plane Pr0n

Interesting idea. I think that Remotely Piloted Aircraft are an up and coming utility technology. Please understand that this comes from a layman and not an engineer. The radio control hobby world has led to a new use for what used to be expensive toys. Now they are becoming sophisticated, really expensive toys.

The possibilities are endless, in my humble opinion.

Image: Ten-engine electric plane prototype takes off

A team at NASA’s Langley Research Center is developing a concept of a battery-powered plane that has 10 engines and can take off like a helicopter and fly efficiently like an aircraft. The prototype, called Greased Lightning or GL-10, is currently in the design and testing phase. The initial thought was to develop a 20-foot wingspan (6.1 meters) aircraft powered by hybrid diesel/electric engines, but the team started with smaller versions for testing, built by rapid prototyping.

The full skinny and a video are at the link.

(OK, it’s a Monday and I have it off as I moved my Regular Day Off from Wednesday to today due to a big meeting with the young captain(AMU OIC), The AFGE Local(Not a member) and the rank and file as it were.)

Read more at:


Eurofighter Typhoon in new, special Tiger Livery is freaking awesome!

From The Aviationist. Say what you will but sometimes he does get some really good pictures!

Other pics at this link:

Bavarian Typhoon

23 Photos Taken By An Airline Captain That Will Blow Your Mind!

This was on FB. I figured it would be interesting for all.

Here are 23 of the most incredible photographs taken from the cockpit by an airline captain named Karim Nafatni. It’s hard to believe that he just got into art when he got his first DSLR camera in 2010.

Here are a couple from the article. Enjoy the rest at the link below the pics.

Karim Nafatni

Karim Nafatni

This crazy video shows flight ops aboard French nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in slow motion!

Footage in slow motion can be extremely useful to catch some details that would be missed at the normal speed.

Even more so if scenes were filmed during blue water ops involving French Navy Dassault-Breguet Super Étendard,Dassault Rafale M and E-2C Hawkeye aircraft.

This crazy video shows flight ops aboard French nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in slow motion!

Courtesy of The Aviationist.

NVG video: F-35B Accomplishes First Night Vertical Landing Aboard USS WASP

NVG video: F-35B Accomplishes First Night Vertical Landing Aboard USS WASP

This is pretty cool! I am putting the pic up to get the reader interested in clicking the link. Enjoy!

A new generation is coming in shipboard operations of tactical aircraft. Amazing things happening these days.