China Lake Air Show

It was a small show. I was impressed by the way it was run though. The Blue Angels were there for their first show on the road. I have seen them so many times that I spend my time wandering through the static displays.

The Brits and Dutch had their Test F-35s under the canopies on the line.

BTW, I have disabled person plates on my vehicles and I parked about six spaces from the entry control point for ADA and VIP folks.



Surfing while home nursing a sore back netted this Photos of Canadian Military for 2015 Canada Day : theBRIGADE


rcaf hornetHome today due to a back that is cramping up and generally making life a bit unbearable.

I did some surfing and decided to check theBrigade. Positive results were obtained.

Two samples are provided to pique your interest………Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force.

Hit the link and have a look at the Canadian Forces!

(2) Photos of Canadian Military for 2015 Canada Day : theBRIGADE.

Boeing touts fighter jet to rival F-35 — at half the price

Boeing touts fighter jet to rival F-35 — at half the price

Super Hornet less stealthy, but has lower sticker price and operational costs

I have been wondering about this myself………………………….

‘Twin engines, dual redundant hydraulics … those are the things I don’t want to give up in flying to remote places or even in combat, because those are the things that’ll bring you home.’—Super Hornet chief test pilot Ricardo Traven

An F/A-18E Super Hornet from the Argonauts of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 147

Argonauts! New and Improved.

Still miss the A7, SLUF!!!!! The Corsair II was a good little attack airplane in it’s day. These Super Hornets on the other hand are simply awesome.

An F/A-18E Super Hornet from the Argonauts of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 147 - Click to expand


Central Valley Air Show 15 October 2011

I made the trip to NAS Lemoore over in the San Joaquin Valley today. A coworker and his wife went along. Nice show as always. A few pictures for your enjoyment.

F/A -18F in commemorative colours honoring the maintainers during Our Centennial. This is the pattern on the Navy Working Uniform
Executive Sweet: B-25 Mitchell
Super Hornets and Fighting Falcons on the line.
F4U Corsair with markings of VF-17 The Jolly Rogers
Bright Yellow SNJ
A pair of Stearman Biplane Trainers
Republic Seabee

Cessna 195

Ryan PT That is a five cylinder radial engine on it.
T-34C from Training Wing Five
F-16C of the California Air National Guard from Fresno
F-16N of Naval Strike Air Warfare Center, NAS Fallon Nevada
EA-18G of VAQ-129 NAS Whidbey Island. This is the replacement for the venerable EA-6B Prowler in the Electronic Attack Mission
VFA-122 Flying Eagles Intake Covers are even cool
F-16 West Coast Demo Jet
B-25, P-51 and F8F
The F8F Bearcat. This was Grumman's last single engine piston fighter.
Super Hornet. Down and dirty!!!! Loud and Proud!!!!!!!
The Super Hornet roaring by the crowd
Yours Truly in front of the Argonaut Spaces. The parking for the event was on this line. This was the squadron I was in at Lemoore. Well, almost. I was actually in VA-147, flying the Venerable LTV A-7E Corsair II. But this was from November of 1985 to June of 1987 when I transferred to AIMD SeaOpDet 46964. But I still miss those days.

Accident on USS John Stennis

Link is from the North County Times. Good to hear that there are no fatalities.

Flight decks and aircraft are a scary place to work. In that environment it is. Been on a few of them.

The aircraft was assigned to VMAT-101 at MCAS Miramar.

USS Ronald Reagan Strike Group Deploys

USS Ronald Reagan Strike Group Deploys.

The picture is of an FA-18E Super Hornet assigned to The Argonauts of Strike Fighter Squadron One Four Seven. Soft spot sort of. I was an Argonaut from November 1985 to June of 1987. We were an Attack Squadron back then flying the Venerable and Legendary A7E Corsair II. SLUF was it’s nick name. Short Little Ugly Fucker.

147 was the first A7 squadron to see combat in 1967 embarked in USS Ranger.

We were in CVW-9 back and up until recently for the Hornet version of the Squadron. Navy can’t leave anything to tradition anymore for some stupid reason. I also remember when 154 was flying the F4 in CVW-2 on Ranger when I made my first West Pac in 1979.

Geez your old jokes are now OK!

Argonaut Super Hornet on the Catapult!

Plane Pr0n. Navy Retro Style

The following pics are of special paint schemes commemorating the Centennial of US Naval Aviation.

Just a sampling, mind you.


EA6B of VAQ129
EA18G Growler of VAQ129

The Prowler and Growler are Electronic Attack Platforms. The Prowler has been around since 1970. The Growler is the replacement. It is essentially an F Hornet with an electronic warfare suite installed. VAQ129 is the Fleet Replacement Squadron for both during the transition. Three Fleet Squadrons have already transitioned. VAQs 132,138 and 141. A very old friend of mine retired from 141 in the mid nineties.

T45A Goshawk taking the wire
T45A Goshawk over South Texas

The upper picture of the Goshawk is an aircraft from Training Wing One at NAS Meridian, MS. The lower aircraft is from Training Wing Two at NAS Kingsville, TX.

FA18C "Legacy" Hornet of VFA122
FA18F Super Hornet of VFA122

These two are used by the Fleet Replacement Squadron at NAS Lemoore, CA. The legacy bird RAG outfit was stood down and integrated into 122 last October. The Raiders of 125 are no more. I remember when that outfit was brand new. This is due to the Super Hornet becoming the dominant Navy Strike Aircraft for the foreseeable future. The lower picture of the Super Hornet is over the San Joaquin Valley. I was in VA147 and SeaOpDet Lemoore from 85 to 89 here.

T6B Texan II

The new primary trainer. Sharp aircraft. This was as it was finished out at the plant in Wichita. I worked in the building next to this one while at Hawker Beechcraft.

This is just a sampling as I said. For more additions the US Naval Air Forces page on Facebook has more and will add as aircraft are painted for the Centennial. The Kick Off for which is 10-12 February aboard the USS Midway Museum, San Diego Harbor. The official date is May 8.

For all you Air Force guys, we have been stand alone for 100 years. And our heritage is not the US Army Signal Corps!


Naval Aviation Centennial

F/A-18F of VFA-122 at Naval Air Station, Lemoore CA.

Centennial Commemorative.

Our Centennial. US Naval Aviation. May 8, 2011. Yes we are older than the Air Force. The Air Force began life as an element of the US Army Signal Corps. Both Air Arms of England are even older. The Royal Flying Corps and The Fleet Air Arm predate ours as entities.

Sorry Air Force, you are still only 63.

The paint scheme is that of the new Navy Working Uniform. If you have seen it, well, I have. UGLY as Sin. I was in the Dungaree Navy.

New Header shot

Jason “00” in the hot fuel pits at NAS Lemoore, CA. Was in this outfit when we had the Venerable LTV A-7 Corsair II. The squadron transitioned to the F/A-18C Hornet in 1989 after 22 years. Some years ago, it went to the “E” Super Hornet. It is not the same but the CAG bird shown does have one bitchin paint job. The Argonauts call sign is Jason. Put two and two together.