I am still here

I have been neglecting this here blog that I have kept. I am running out of free space on it. When Missus ORPO returns from Wichita, Kansas where she has been with the youngest daughter for the period before, during and after the arrival of our new grandson on 17 September 2019 I will do the upgrade at forty-eight bucks a year to keep this project going.

I must admit that I have been occupied over the last few years with scans, blood work and other sundry indignities concerning my medical status. So far nothing bad has been found. The weight loss that began in 2015 when I was moved into the tool room on a reasonable accommodation was a tough go. When I was surprised with a reveal in May in Wichita by Missus ORPO, The Darling Daughter and Eldest Granddaughter, I started looking up. So without further ado, I give you all a few pics of Grayson Austin Mark Green.

Something on the mind

Well since all are pretty much aware that the youngest daughter is with child, a grandson who is due in September, there is some decision making in regard to the lad’s naming. Missus ORPO is pushing for his middle name to be the same as mine which is as most know is Mark. It is hard to not try and have any influence in this process as in reality, it isn’t my decision. Straight up, it is not my decision in any fashion. I have never thought of leaving any legacy as it were at any time in my life. Would I like the grandson to have my name in some manner? Yes I would but I have absolutely no control over that.

On my part, I am glad that I will have a grandson whose early years I will be a part of. In around 18 to 24 months or so, we will be going back to Wichita, Kansas when I retire from the civil service at Edwards AFB. Let’s face it, I ain’t getting any younger and the mileage, wear and tear have taken a toll. I will need every moment that I can get.

I want to be able to take the boy fishing and shooting just like my Paternal Grandfather did with me. He also taught me how to run a bottling line in the days of glass bottles.

Please pardon the ramblings of an old man who now has much on his mind.

A day to remember our friend

We got the news this day, seven years ago. Kfir down at NAS Fallon. We all had our fears of what happened. It couldn’t be….. But sadly when the details came out it was. Somehow, I knew when the news initially said the jet was down. I don’t know why but I did.

Lex was gone. An amazing level of hurt came over me. It’s still here as I write this. When I went to work, I did the most thorough of pre-flights on my jet that I had ever done. It was almost like he was watching me. It was that pilot to crew chief link that we had. That was how our relationship was. I was glad to have had it that way.

The following of Lex has led me to a group of friends that I treasure with all my heart.

Sorry, it’s getting hard to see the keyboard and screen……….

ORPO sends……………..

Thanksgiving Greetings

The Old Retired Petty Officer sends greetings and best wishes to all this Thanksgiving. I hope all of you have a splendid day, truly.

Missus ORPO and I are at home with the usual although it will be delayed until tomorrow due to the effects of my flu shot that I received on Monday and the crappy work hours that I currently endure.

To all the First Responders, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coasties out there doing what they do away from home this day, we appreciate all that you do. Some of us have been there and done that.

I had my first Thanksgiving away from home at RTC San Diego. I had two aboard the Good Ship Independence while deployed to the Med and Nor Lant. Then there was the one on Ranger and one on Kitty Hawk.

Even in my ballast train days, I had Thanksgiving with the Eldest Son(SFC) at the Repple Depple at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

So please, enjoy the company that you have this day with family and close friends. I will crack open a Stone Go To IPA later and raise a toast to all.

ORPO sends.

Remembrance Day

The text was posted at Facebook by my friend Scott Ruch along with the picture.

Today, however you chose to call it, Armistice Day, Rembrance Day or Veteran’s Day, is a difficult one for myself and my family. On this day 27 years ago, we lost my Dad to cancer. As an Airman and then Soldier, I suppose it was most appropriate.

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.”


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Piper’s visit to the Central Coast Part 1

I finally got a chance this morning to upload pictures to the laptop of Missus ORPO and I taking Piper to the Central Coast!

Piper on the one of the circular staircases at Camp SLO Billeting

Several pics of Piper and Grammy on Oceano State Beach


Piper with a horse mounted California State Parks Volunteer




Sad news today

My cousin died today from a massive heart attack. I have no other details.

My aunt lost two husbands and the younger son as well as her last relationship to cardio pulmonary issues.

The only one left is the daughter.

Richard was a retired HM2 and worked as a physical therapist.

Niece’s Wedding

Ashlee Luque, My Niece became Mrs. Michael Quick on 20 July 2014.

Family and Friends came from Near and Far to Celebrate.

Mrs. ORPO made the cake and it was awesome!

L-R. Eldest Son, Daughter in Law, Niece Ashlee
The Cake under Construction
Missus ORPO, Her Sister, Son Pat, Daughter in Law Diane
The Groom
Niece Stephanie with the Ring Bearer, Grand Nephew Austin Nicolas
Brother in Law Hector and The Bride
Missus ORPO and The Daugher in Law
Eldest Son and His Bride
Mother and Son
ORPO and My Bride of 31 years, Mrs. ORPO
Father Daughter Dance
Mother and Son Dance
Cutting The Cake

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Significant Milestone……………..31 years

This day, 31 years ago, Sharon Naatz and I exchanged vows at the First Methodist Church in Oak Harbor, Washington. Think about that………………..31 years. I was at the nine and a half year mark in my Navy Career and she said yes and accepted all that came with it………………………….Damn………………………………

We put two households together that day. Four kids who all were part of the event, three of which have blessed us with a total of five grandchildren…………………………….Sharon was 29 and I was 28, now she is 60 and I am 59.

We have had those ups and downs………….at times those have been sheer cliffs but we are still here.

DSC_0140 Wedding Day 11 June 1983