Have mercy on the pitchers: Two Class A teams combine for 40 runs and 38 hits

This happened at Jethawks Stadium in Lancaster last night in a game between the Jethawks and The Stockton Ports.

It is a one of those record setting games…………………….29-11 Lancaster over Stockton. Wow.

“The two teams combined for 40 runs and 38 hits. There were nine home runs (hit by eight different players, two of which were grand slams), seven doubles and two triples.”

I just thought you all would get a kick out of this one. I sure did!

Have mercy on the pitchers: Two Class A teams combine for 40 runs and 38 hits

Famous Last Words | 16 Manly Last Words | The Art of Manliness-Surfing in the wee hours found this one

This is a direct result of my new work hours…………………….I get home at 0200…………………………..I actually have this site on my favourites list……

It has some good stuff on it………………………………….

Famous Last Words | 16 Manly Last Words | The Art of Manliness.

Sandy Eggo Stuff

Blog Bud Jeff Hollenbeck from Parrothead Jeff and Friends had this little bit of Sandy Eggo Stuff up on Facebook this AM.

It is worth posting on my Regular Day Off, methinks.

Found online and too good not to share

You know you are from San Diego when…

~Your high school had a surf team~

~You can correctly pronounce Tierrasanta, La Jolla, Rancho Penasquitos, San Ysidro, Otay Mesa, Jamacha, Jamul, Cuyamaca, and El Cajon~

~There are four distinct seasons: Summer, Not Quite Summer, Almost Summer, and Oh Hey Look Its Summer Again~

~Chula-juana is a real town.~

~Your house is worth more than some small countries~

~You know what MB, OB, and PB stand for~

~Every street name is either in Spanish or Spanish related, and you’re surprised when other areas don’t have this~

~You can determine the accuracy of someone’s “I’m ghetto” claim by knowing their high school. For example, El Camino High School or Crawford High School~

~You see weather forecasts for four different climate zones in the same county, and aren’t remotely surprised. The Micro Climate Weather~

~You’ve gone to Mt. Helix in July and know you still need a jacket~

~You’ve tailgated at Qualcomm Stadium, and for a bonus point, also tailgated when it was Jack Murphy Stadium~

~You have a favorite- the WAP or the Zoo~

~You’ve been on a field trip to see an Imax movie at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center~

~You still call it the Del Mar Fair~

~You say “I’m going to the track” and people know what you mean~

~You understand what May-Gray and June-Gloom is~

~A famous skateboarder/surfer lives in your town~

~There’s a North County, a South County, and an East County but no Central County~

~”Mossy Nissan! Mossy Nissan! Mossy Nissan Moves You!”~

~You know what it means when two guys are walking in Hillcrest~

~You know what it means when a girl in a short skirt is walking on El Cajon Blvd~

~You’ve gotten stuck in the Horton Plaza parking structure traffic after a Padres game~

~You know what “The Merge” is, and will plan your entire day around not being on it during rush hour~

~You’ve been to Belmont Park~

~You’ve taken the Coaster and laughed at people sitting in traffic on the 5~

~You know the difference between Clairemont Mesa, Kearny Mesa, and Mira Mesa~and maybe you remember Serra Mesa too~

~You’ve gone to Sea World on a warm day and sat in the first few rows at the Shamu Show to get cooled off~

~You’ve been delayed at the Border Checkpoints at the I-5 & the I-15~

~There are more bands than people~

~Your house doesn’t have air conditioning~

~You know it’s San Diegan, not San Diegoan, or San Diegoite~

~Everyone has their favorite beach~

~No matter what the weather is, there is always someone walking around in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops~

~You live on, near or are surrounded by hills~


~You have family and or friends that have moved to Arizona~

~You used to, and sometimes still do ride the carousel at Seaport Village~

~You know someone who doesn’t own pants, and have a neighbor who doesn’t seem to own a shirt~

~You know what Santa Ana’s are, and that they have literally nothing to do with the city of Santa Ana~

~If the menu doesn’t have California burritos on it, forget it, its not real Mexican food~

Fallout from my day on Ronald Reagan…………….

The floor is now open folks. You may fire at will…………………………

Taken yesterday
Taken yesterday
This morning it is now peeling.
This morning it is now peeling.

Sun and Wind on a Flight Deck with no cover. Sun screen only lasts so long……………………Our good buddy Christopher Goodrich will concur………………………The WSO laughed at us…………………….

Driver: I was following GPS when I turned onto train tracks; Crash closed WB 6th Ave in Lake Worth |Video

Operation Lifesaver has this up on their Facebook Page. Industrial Grade Stupid at an Entirely New Level………………Blaming the GPS! What ever happened to one’s own Situational Awareness, for crying out loud! The dumb ass even said that he put on his four way flashers and said the train didn’t stop! No kidding Einstein!


Makes one go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Is the Gene Pool going to become self cleaning? The World Wonders.