Medical Fun and Games Update

I had the scope yesterday. I got the all clear and the doc said I can wait ten years for the next one. I will be 72 then!

There is no cancer or even an indication that it may be present after all the damned blood work, scans and invasive procedures……….


Update on the fun and games

I had my ct scan on Monday of last week. I now wait……….. It’s part of the process ya know.

I had an EMG on last Thursday as well. The lady that administered it says I have sciatica….. She says that the nerve is pinched in the lower back. She did tell me the results of my most recent blood work. Good news on that front. Those three antibodies have very low numbers! At least I don’t have that to worry about at present!

I am not going to dodge the fact that I am concerned as there is a family history of cancer and I have had it once already…….

Until next time my friends!!!!