China Lake Air Show

It was a small show. I was impressed by the way it was run though. The Blue Angels were there for their first show on the road. I have seen them so many times that I spend my time wandering through the static displays.

The Brits and Dutch had their Test F-35s under the canopies on the line.

BTW, I have disabled person plates on my vehicles and I parked about six spaces from the entry control point for ADA and VIP folks.


Getting some heavy weather

Mother Nature is at it again. We are in for some rain and very high winds this afternoon and evening.

Our immediate forecast includes winds up to 75 mph according to the Wind Warning, with the rain. For those who think the desert is a dry and warm place should come here at this time of year………….

It has snowed a handful of times since we came to California. When I was working the ballast trains, it snowed at Amboy out there along the old 66/A T & S F in December of 2007.

California City Forecast for 31 January 2016

Mojave Desert Morning………………………………Sunrise

I left for work a bit earlier than usual this morning. I keep the Nikon in the Titan for opportunities…………………………..Today was excellent. I am no Pinch Paisley by any stretch but I have fun with my basic D3000.

The sun had just peeked over the Rand Mountains and I even got the purple that is a desert thing over the Rocket Lab on the mountain near Boron.

I love the desert. It has a certain quality of silence in the morning. I do enjoy the drive into the base in the morning on days like this. It is a very awesome place.

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The Air Force Rocket Lab in a longer shot.
The Air Force Rocket Lab on it's mountain.
The Air Force Rocket Lab on it’s mountain.
That small sliver of the rising sun over the Rand Mountains.

DSC_0006 DSC_0005 DSC_0004 DSC_0003 DSC_0002

Pictures of The Southeast Kern County Desert

My City in the Distance, California City


Another view of California City



Mojave Spaceport(MHV) with the San Gabriel Mountains in the distance






Looking up the Tehachapi Pass to the West



Wind Turbines……………and more Wind Turbines. Kern County communities do not get power from these. It goes to Los Angeles.


Signs, signs, everywhere the signs, blocking out the scenery






Some got captions. Some did not. This is a look at the that part of California, where Missus ORPO and I live, here among the Joshua Trees.


A few pictures of the Desert

Long since abandoned
It may have been a ranch at one time
Looking North toward Red Rock Canyon, The Eastern Sierras and on to Ridgecrest
This used to be the Honda Engineering Proving Ground
Looking south along Neuralia Road
The junction of SR 14 with Randsberg-Redrock Road.
The 14 and 178
Just Because
Self explanatory
Red Rock Canyon State Park from the 3000 foot level
The Fremont Valley
Honda Proving Ground
Drifting Sand………………..

I went to Ridgecrest today to get a temporary handicap placard. I remembered to take my camera.

Plane Pr0n from Tehachapi

The weather was a factor in some scheduled participants not arriving. The Mountains and the Desert awakened to some autumn like weather……………

Classic Airplanes and a rather fine looking gal in period dress all done up………………….does make for a good day, regardless…………………..

3 Bellancas, a Grumman Albatross, an Aeronca, a Stinson and a Mustang! The Stearman was taking passengers up for $99.00.

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