Searles Junction and The Fremont Valley

Hard to believe but I haven’t posted in two months……..

I had to run to Ridgecrest to get a new prescription filled for Missus ORPO. The base didn’t even know if they could order it so I hit Rite Aid here in Cal City this morning. The closest one with it was in Ridgecrest.

I decided to take the Trusty Nikon today. The following are shots from the return trip……


The Lone Pine Branch ends beyond. This was the line that the Nisei and Issei were transported on to Manzanar.



The Five Fingers

I took these on the return from Ridgecrest this afternoon. It was a DMV/Stater Bros Run.

Along with the Five Fingers, I took some of the Eastern Slope in the sunlight of afternoon in the Indian Wells Valley.

The Five Fingers


This CHP Trooper stopped to see if I was OK!