The Grand Prix Of Lancaster

From Sunday Afternoon in Lancaster

So it is not an F-1 race………………

The Karts are pretty dang fast anyway. Top speeds on the long straightaway are around 75 mph. They are powered by two cycle engines so the smoke has an oily scent to it……………….It is a lot of fun.

I could not enjoy the outstanding brews of Kinetic Brewing as I was driving………………………….That was the bummer.

But please enjoy the pictures such that they are.

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Morning Ride in The Desert

I have been riding my bike for almost two months at least three times a week, since Doc was on the regular exercise thing along with a new Blood Pressure Medication. Today I decided to do the scenic route of sorts.

The ride was about 8 miles total out a ways on Randsburg-Mojave Road to the Desert Tortoise Area turnoff.  Good with some up and down terrain in it. BP after the ride, shower and building my lunch for work was 114/66. I take the meds when I get up so it has time to work.







Friday…………..the 13th

The weather in The High Desert today………….it was ugly.




Thunderstorms on the Field.

I had to wear my parka. I have had my first week since I began here almost 2 & 1/2 years ago of not being on the line. It was all on my jet in the hangar for an airframe inpsection with the engine removed.

The old hangars leak cold air and in some spots, water.

Interesting day to say the least.

The higher elevations were under a winter storm warning……………….they got it………………….it was snowing on The Tehachapi when I was coming home today……….

Doing up a couple of tuna steaks an julienne potatoes for supper.

Got Penguins and Flyers on, game two of that series. Kings at Canucks later.

Because it’s the Cup.

Another YGTBSM Moment # 575…

The Old NFO had this one up. I live out here in the used to be golden state.

This was on the early morning news yesterday from all the LA stations. Seems that the idiots running LA County are really out of it. Thank God I live in Kern County! At least up here we do still look at things in a pragmatic manner.

………….We all know by now California is pretty desperate for money, and LA has to pay for all those illegals they are harboring, but THIS is just unbelievable…

$100 to $1000 fine and up to 6 months in jail, for throwing a frisbee or a football on the beach; unless you’re in a ‘designated’ area or have a special permit???

The rest is at the link. Go. Read. Be Informed and Enlightened.

Magnitude 1.6 – SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 2011

December 07 00:19:04 UTC

23 km (14 miles) SE (124°) from California City, CA

We live in California City. Didn’t feel a thing but it is out in the Desert.


Dozens of Homes Destroyed Near Tehachapi, Blaze 10% Contained


This is the last update on the fire just up the hill(about thirty miles up the hill) from us.

The article includes pics and info from the other fires in the AV, Tehachapi and in the LA Basin.,0,7319836.story

Small plane crash sparks rapid brush fire in Calif.

Found this on USA Today. Since my satellite provider only gives me LA as my “local stations” I have to sometimes dig for Kern County stuff. I live in SE Kern County but DirectTV has issues with reading a map.

Just now on Fox News, there was a twenty second bit on the fire……….that’s it. KABC  had a short piece coupled with coverage of the Oak Hills Fire on Cajon Pass south of Victorville.

This is a good link as it has video from KERO 23 in Bakersfield.

The referred to area Northeast of Los Angeles is Blackburn Canyon near Tehachapi. The Missus and I saw a lot of this. We went to Rosamond to pick up a pair of love birds and then to Tehachapi to eat at Denny’s. We wanted breakfast for dinner. Front row seats from the restaurant.