Rainy day in the Southeast Kern County Desert

We had some pretty significant rain on Thursday. According to a friend of mine, almost an inch. The fire ravaged areas in LA, Ventura, Orange, Santa Barbara and Riverside counties really got it hard.

That aside, some of the cloud formations were a bit interesting. So without further ado, here we go. I took these at a dirt parking area at the junction of CA 58 and California City Boulevard.

ORPO sends.


Still Here

Fear not, dear readers! I haven’t gone anywhere. It has just been one of those weeks.

I am still adjusting to the graveyard shift hours, specifically the four ten hour ones I am currently working. Add in a wicked head and upper chest cold from Hades…………and the three foot and lower leg issues. The amiltriptyline is handling the neuropathy fairly well but the capsulitis and plantar faciitis are not a lot fun. It hurts like hell when I get up out of the rack and do something simple, like walking to the bathroom.

I should be back in harness fairly soon with some rather unique beer posts to start.

The Los Angeles County Air Show will be happening at Fox Field in Lancaster in March. I think I will attend and pay the rather stiff admission so the Nikon will get a work out. The Blue Angels Number 7 was in town this past week to let the Antelope and Fremont Valleys know they will be the headliners.


A few pictures of the Desert

Long since abandoned
It may have been a ranch at one time
Looking North toward Red Rock Canyon, The Eastern Sierras and on to Ridgecrest
This used to be the Honda Engineering Proving Ground
Looking south along Neuralia Road
The junction of SR 14 with Randsberg-Redrock Road.
The 14 and 178
Just Because
Self explanatory
Red Rock Canyon State Park from the 3000 foot level
The Fremont Valley
Honda Proving Ground
Drifting Sand………………..

I went to Ridgecrest today to get a temporary handicap placard. I remembered to take my camera.