Desert Evening 1 April 2018

I had to go to the DG Market and decided to take a few pictures on the way home.




I lost a Shipmate….

Darryl Hinkle was my friend and Shipmate. I made four deployments with him over the course of my career. 

He was in VAQ 132 when I was ship’s company on Independence and in VAQ 137 when I was in VA 145 on Ranger. He also served in VP 26 with my brother in law, Greg Duffy. 

May his Memory be a Blessing. 

Reference: Previous Post (updated)

Surgery is scheduled for the 18th. Laproscopic for a hernia repair. It will entail a trip to Bakersfield, again. The pre-op stuff has to be done three to five days before the surgery. The downtime is less with the laproscopic procedure than the old fashioned way. Twenty five years ago, I spent two nights in the Naval Hospital, Lemoore CA. Insert Bob Dylan line here.

The Doc told his staff that we had to have at least ten days due to the workers comp thing taking some time to accomplish.

Delay! Worker’s Comp only allowed up to $1,500 for the preliminaries. I have to spend time on the phone with the person at civpers tomorrow. ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!

Update, again, ad infinitum

Got my initial consult with a surgeon on next Tuesday afternoon……….in Bakersfield.The surgery may be happening sooner than I thought.  The wheels of the bureaucracy have been lubricated it seems. Then on next Thursday, I have a double header. At my Doctor’s for a BP follow  up in the morning and then a Renal CT in the afternoon at an imaging place in Lancaster. The Tuesday thing is covered by the worker’s comp claim. It will have been three weeks. And for the Department of Labor and Department of The Air Force to work so well together and efficiently is plumb amazing ain’t it?

Everybody out there have a good weekend, Eh!